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COLOSSUS FALLSludge Metal/Hardcore (CH)

Colossus Fall is a Swiss progressive sludge hardcore band formed in Geneva. Since 2011, the band played more than a hundred of shows in Europe and supported renowned bands such as Agnostic Front, Walls of Jericho, Terror, Neurosis, Clutch and Nostromo.


After a first EP in 2012 « Sempervirens » and a split vinyl in 2013, the band released its first album « Hidden Into Details » in 2015.


Today, the band is back from Paris (France) with its new album produced by Frédéric Duquesne (Mass Hysteria, Watcha)! Get ready!

  • "Earthbeat" - Album (2019)
  • "Hidden Into Details" - Album (2015)
  • "Untitled" – Split (2013)
  • "Sempervirens" – EP (2012)