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KILLING VOLTSPower Action Rock (CH)

Killing Volts is a powerful four-piece rock band born in 2013 and led by Tania Silversen (guitar, lead vocals) together with Al Castro (guitar, vocals), Math Sink (drums) and Antoine Superflej (bass guitar). Hailing from Geneva’s rich musical scene our four musicians, Tania (Tania Silversen & the Wavehunters), Al and Math (Black Widow’s Project) and Antoine (Cold Bath) have worked together to converge all their raw energy and do what they do best: hit the road and perform live shows, killing the volts, wild and loud !


Killing Volts’ music is direct, intense, structured and powerful. Instantly electrifying the atmosphere, provoking acoustic landscapes with energetic riffs, sexy vocals and compact sounds! You can try to close your eyes… but you cannot shut your ears to the Killing Volts!

  • "Why Should I Say Yes" - EP (2017)