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Newsletter :
9PMRock (CH)

Rock music. Praised by some, dragged through the mud and derided by others. The time has come to raise the profile of this all-encompassing music once again!


This is the mission that four young musicians, with a sound that is both powerful and at the same time skillfully structured, gave themselves in 2013. Since then, with each concert the quartet have demonstrated their raw energy which clearly brings forth the spirit of Rock, fusing together elements of Punk, Funk, Bossa, and sometimes even pushing it into its darkest corners and allowing passages of Reggaedub and Jazz to enter into the mix. The resulting combination is something surprising, and shows that, they have understood the essence of true rock music!


In late 2014, the quartet known as 9PM, released its first album simply entitled « Rock », which is a homage to the roots of their music known to be both personal and authentic.

  • "Rock" - LP (2014)
  • "9pm" - EP (2013)