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AMONG VULTURESMetalcore / Death Metal (CH)

Among Vultures (previously known as Attack Vertical) was founded in 1999 and has kept evolving musically ever since. Different infuences have found their way into the modern Death Metal they play today.

The band recorded its third album « This Glorious World » in 2011, which allowed Among Vultures (ex-Attack Vertical) to make a name for itself in the metal community and share the stage with a number of well-known bands such as Arch Enemy, Darkane, God Dethroned, Hatesphere or DevilDriver.

In 2015 the band released its fourth album « The Great Waste » with Tenacity Music as a label. This partnership allowed them to have an outreach in several countries. Some more technical songs came out of this album supported by a powerful sound engineered by “Conatus Studio”.

“Scared Of Time”, the new 3-track album released in 2016, reveals a sharp and efficient metal with a new singer and an impressive new energy on stage. The compositions are heavier and more intense and therefore set the stage for yet another musical turn.

Attack Vertical has been given the opportunity to tour for 2 weeks in Cuba where the band proved 7 times, with no doubt, that its music is a passion that is shared.

  • "Scared Of Time" - EP (2016)
  • "The Great Waste" - LP (2015)
  • "15th Anniversary" - EP (2014)
  • "This Glorious World" - LP (2011)
  • "Human Race" - LP (2006)
  • "Happy-End" - LP (2002)